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Carolina reds

Had a couple of tough outings on my first couple of redfish trips since I returned from Alaska. We got some fish but we worked for them. You would not believe how hot it has been down here. And we get these wicked thunderstorms almost every night. Therefore the water is muddier than normal, I think the salinity is down a little, the wind is howling too and of course this makes sight fishing pretty tough. The weather is calming down and I am seeing a bit of a difference now and the fishing should be getting better soon. I haven't heard of any giant reds being caught on bait up in Pamlico Sound yet but when I do...I know of some places where they swim in water so shallow that they can't cover their backs. I am talking about reds of over 40 inches and even over 50 inches. Quite a shot to get one on fly. We'll be using 10 wts and 20 pound tippet and really leaning on them to get them in quickly. There have been a lot of reports of tarpon running the coast and some guys getting them on bait in Pamlico. I keep a 12 wt rigged and ready, however the only time you spot them is when they are rolling. My hook up rate on rolling tarpon is pretty low. When I have cast to them in FL I rarely get a bite. Anybody ever had much success with tarpon that are rolling but not visibly feeding? Also I have been looking for the yarn to tie Merkin crab flies with. Can't find it. I need to tie crabs about the size of an old silver dollar. Any hints from permit fishermen or anybody who has done it (actually caught a permit on fly). These big reds in the shallows are very difficult. Have not caught one on fly yet. Will soon...
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