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My report

Thanks for the input guys. I did get up to the white mountains last week. I t was a trip with my 10 year old son. We hiked fished, camped, went birding and collected some plants.

We were first at a pond where I landed a monster 4" smallmouth. My first thought was "fiesty weeds up here" My son didn't catch anything on his spinner.

Dad...1 Son....0

A few days later we tried a pond in Crawford Notch that was posted for flyfishing only. My son was chagrined. However, we spoke with a local or two who gave us some tips on locations where my son could fish also.

We went further south in the Notch to the head waters of the Saco River. This pool had very steep sides and there was no room for a back cast. The pool was a natural quarry so I did not dare to wade out for fear of never seeing my son again. He caught nothing on his spinner and I caught my first trout on a fly. He was to amazed at the beaver who was eating a small branch for dinner.

Dad...2 Son....0 (the thrill of watching the beaver was worth 10 points, the thrill of seeing me catch a fish on a dry fly that he gave me for father's day was worth 20.)

New score

Dad....2 Son....30

A few days later I took him to a dam on the Connecticut river and he caught two yellow perch and I caught nothing.

Dad.....2 Son....32

Just imagine the points I felt seeing him have a great time.

Well I think we both won.
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