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Another digital/tech question

Now that I've posted a few pics by using the img coding and web addresses for my album at, I've noticed a peculiar trend. Whithin the first several hours of posting the images here on the site, they show up fine. However, the next day they don't show unless I use the Back button in my browser to go back to the board post list, and then the Forward button to go back to the open post. Check out the Test post and Marabou Shrimp in the bonefish archive, and the marabou shrimp in the warmwater archive and use your browser as I've indicated to see what I'm talking about.

I have several pictures to post, but don't want to if viewing them will be short lived or a pain to access as described above. Any ideas of what might be happening here? Something I might be able to do to prevent this in the first place?

Sorry for the ignorance, but I thought that I might finally have all of this figured out. Thanks.
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