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Andre. Thanks for not mentioning the river but it's not needed I'd have no problem shareing the river with more fly anglers as i appear to be the only one. yes I have been floating from the Dam to the GC. there are literally hundreds of fish in this streach maybe even thousands and there is some excellent fly water. Water temps are absolutely prime for steelhead activity 53.5 degrees. Next time I go I am going to take some 5/0 gp's and marabou patterns and some tiny size 8 peacock hiltons. What doesn't make sence to me is that these fish (i believe they are skamanias) will slam spinners, corkies and all the other traditional steelhead gear they just don't seem at all interested in flies.
Also as I said before these are absolutely fresh chrome bright fish they are not at all dour. They will chase down spinners 20 feet away they just wont move a few inches for a fly...
Only steelhead matter!
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