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Taking fish on a fly (more so than other gear) requires understanding the fish. As I see it the major difference in fishing for hatchery and wild fish is run timing and where they hold. The hatchery fish are generally earlier than wild, migrate quickly upstream and stage in areas readily accessible to anglers. The wild fish return over a longer time period (often later), are headed further upstream, and stage in more varied areas. The result is generally wild fish are easier becasue they either moving or being less pressured .

Appreciate your frustration. To consistently take hatchery fish here is what I have found : 1) fish on moving fish if at all possible. Much rather fish on 1 or 2 moving fish than 100 holding. 2) On holding fish I always tired something different (curiosity factor); if most fishers are fishing small and dark fish big and guady, if they are fishing a swung fly try dead drift, etc., 3) try pick periods when conditions have changed; first fishable day after a river rise is the best. Or 4) do as I do now and fish for something else; in a couple weeks I'll be focusing on sea-run cutts.

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