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Small & Buggy

Tie up some standard Spades on a size 6...that could be the ticket as that is one of my favorite low-water dour fish fly wether they are hatchery or wild.

Also tie up some small Wolley Worms, Carey Specials and Six Packs...may sound sort of odd but trust me, they work.

If those dont work...2 turns of marabou (one side stripped) in either brown, black, pink, white, red with some differnt combo's but keep them SPARSE!! I tie em as sparse as I can and then when I go to fish them, pull off some marabou so they are even sparser. Like I said, don't be afraid to play around with browns, olives, greens...

Last but not least swing a GRHE, Prince, Sparkle Caddis and other basic trout nymphs on a sinktip.
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