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Question The hatchery fish puzzle???

OK. I am firmly a believer that hatchery fish even in prime conditions do not respond nearly as well to a swung fly as wild fish do. In terms of the river I have been fishing lately these hatchery fish are such weak responders as to make fly fishing for them a complete waste of time.
However they respond very well to lures like blue fox spinners and hot shots so it's not that they are lock lawed dour fish.
I absolutely will not fish weighted flies or nymphs for them....!!!!

I want to know what do you think would bring these fish to a swung fly???

Should I try something with a lot of flash like a spinner? Should I try something VERY large and invasive? Or should i try something small and natural looking???

here is what I have tries to date.
Skunks and other traditional steelhead flies fished on sink tips and floating line.

Muddlers in all colors and sizes fished floating and on tips

1/0 Marabou patterns on sink tips

Spey flies on floaters and on tips

I know I could get them on stone nymphs or glo bugs dead drifting but I will not fish that way.

what do you guys think??
By the way on an average day I probably cover 50-150 fish with my flies and only got one fish which was of course wild.
Only steelhead matter!
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