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Another thought. Worked/owned vineyards for a long time.

And deer JUST LOVE grape vines. Strange, but effective, 'cure' was to take bars of Irish Spring soap, drill hole and hang on end rows. Who know's why, but they really didn't like the smell.

What ever works, short of killing the buggers. Not my plan. Wild Turkeys were much more of a problem in northern Calif. vineyards. But, as they were 'always in season,' if you were a 'farmer' it was always open season; we'd sit in lawn chairs with .22 long rifles loaded.

Dad was the Canadian Grand Champ one year, and "missed" the next year by three rounds out of 1,000 collective match rounds out of the "10 ring" (not an exageration ... other guy must have been one hell of a shot) . Guess who taught me how to shoot.

One round, one turkey. And the Crew was always happy to take the end result of my target practice. Dad's comment was to the effect that if you know how to shoot, you don't need a shotgun.

Worked for me. And before you ask, never could hit a duck in fleight. :>) Also a .22 round can travel far to far for safety purposes.''If you can't hit the target, get your finger off the triger."

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