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for some strange reason...

...steelheading always seems such serious business.

I well remember the "moment" I kinda felt I figured it out many years ago. I used to pack a camera with me and photographed almost every trout I caught back when I lived near the Bow in Calgary (the new age version of the big stringer full of fish). One day I hooked this really nice brown trout and netted it after a long fight. In order for me to take a picture of the fish I would have to fumble around for my camera, and it suddenly occured to me that the fish was more deserving of my immediate attentions than my photo album. I carefully revived the fish and off it swam, which made me feel a whole lot more relaxed and happy than I'd felt in a long time. I stopped carrying a camera after that and just got into enjoying the river and the fish I was lucky enough to hook from time-to-time. Those were great times...

Steelheading, magazine writing and web site stuff kinda brought me back into the carry-a-camera headspace a little while back. I found myself sliding back into the "get a picture" mind-set on the river, and I really felt I was once again losing touch with the essence of fly fishing. But a great day with a great old friend on a great river casting to some magnificent fish reminded me of what all this is really about.

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