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I love being a dad!

I had been trying for the past several years to get my son, now 14, to try his hand at fly-fishing. He wasn't the least interested. Being a loving dad, I gave him some room while trying new approaches to inspire him. A distant post by KerryS on another forum set us on the right course when he dropped the name of a local lake to try. The boy, er young man, met with great success and we tried it again the following week. Overall, son 5, dad 0, and all very nice trout.

I just got his new St. Croix 5 wt. from the Brown Truck and rigged-up his new line on my spare Tioga and the guy is GONE! While I'm rigging he is donning the waders and vest. Made him take the Motorola Talkabout so I'll at least be able to hear from him this summer .

BTW, he met Mr. Steelhead last week; it was a very brief encounter. He said he almost peed his pants when the rod bent over and the reel started screaming. It seems that the young man, at least, is firmly hooked!

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