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Gad, they are peskie creatures. East Medford

is over run with the buggers. Live in a residential neighborhood, and home backs up on 1200 some undeveloped acres. If it weren't for a 8 foot high deer fence, and the Pooch, we'd be picked clean over night. Some of these deer are so bold (and they know the dog can't get through the fence) they will come right up to it and just let the dog bark away. Just to be mean someday I think I'll unlatch the back gate for Sheba .... that will get their attention! She may be old, but she can really honk if she wants too.

Front yard is open to the street and we have a waterfall pond right by the front door. The Racoons have cleaned out the gold fish twice, the deer come within 4 feet of the front door to get their water supply.

Very common to have Pooch blow you out of bed at 3am because 'Bambi's just on the other side of the window.
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