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loop knots

I beacme a firm believer of using a loop knot to connect my fly to tippet a couple seasons ago--I REALLY believed and still do believe the fly gets better action.

However, already once this year I lost what felt like a nice fish on a hard strike when the line broke at the tip of the loop where it hits the fly eye, and yesterday in the Harbor my companion had the same thing happen.

Just to be clear, the knot is not failing, it returns intact, but the loop is split in two where the fly should be.

I'm not even sure what loop knot I tie, but I guess it doesn't even matter since it appears the impact of the hook eye against the loop is causing the breakage.

The knot is growing out of favor with me, despite my belief that the free swinging fly is the way to go.

Any one else have this problem? Is there a solution besides using 20 lb tippet...
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