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My inflatable is a little more than that, I have made two configurations, one for rowing, has a seat that is just about in the center as being bow to stern. The second configuration has a wide seat on the stern with an outboard motor bracket, this works good with a two hp great in the salt ponds, but I have a short somewhere between the magneto, and the throttle, what a shock I keep getting.:eyecrazy: I have been having a ball fishing outside the breachway, if it is not to windy.Should have bought one a few years ago. In my opinion beats a kayak. If it is not rough I can standup to cast, unlike a kayak plenty of room, payload of 750 lbs. Bring on the hard tails,instead of waiting for them to come in, I can go out and escort them in. Adrian is right though, it is hard to row.
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