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Yes, there ARE fish in LI Sound !!!

Wes and I ventured out in the wee hours and watched the sunrise over Long Island on the incoming tide. Jim had a good solid hook-up which then parted company. I managed to get some cursory interest but not much else. Only my second Yak / Night-time foray but as I said last time - it's a different world after dark. Once again, huge bow waves and boils accompanied us as our Kayaks sliced across the black mirror surface of each flat we crossed.

There are huge numbers of good sized bunker but no apparent interest from our striped friends as yet. There is also a preponderance of small one inch silver fry which are carpeting certain areas and occaisionally betray the presence of a large predator.

I am guessing these fish have taken up residence and gotten into a regular night-time feeding pattern. They evaporated once the sun came up.

So, there are numbers of good sized fish out there and a code to be cracked. Several more weeks of challenging opportunity await.
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