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Here they are:

1) Caddis Nymph
2) Hex nymph
3) Stone nymph
4) egg flis (nukes)
5) streamers and wet flies (check out my PM Interceptor pattern in the winter steelhead swap, do a search for it and the thread should come up) Marabou streamers like the Cardinelle have also been good to me. "The Crick Fly: - Dave Richey, Have some custom speys with fluorescent eztaz bodies that are good at times. Have to try my new unproven glow in dark streamers in the upcoming season.

Note: Never used egg sucking leeches much, I guess I should add them to my arsenal. Will start tying some for the season thanks for the reminder !!

Do king salmon feed, yes , but I really think is their natural reaction to the presented fly imitating a food source "they remember".

Remember in the great lakes we get a shot at them in usually less than 50 river miles (sometimes much less) from the big lakes and maybe 1-3 days from the lakes. I think that makes a big difference in their willingness to be on the take. In PNW beleive the fly fishing opportunites are much farther inland 100 miles+ from the ocean and there mood can shift to you know " lock jaw".

Ever have a nice pool filled with fresh 20+ lbkings and they all go on the bite at the same time. Ahhh that is great, even though you will probably do an 0 for as they tear you and your tackle apart. But what fun ehh, as they jump into the bushes and trees and run through the log jams. Soon it will be time for that if you know where to go.

Thats my .02 cents

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