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Great Lakes Salmon Patterns/Info

I was just wondering what is up there on your list for top salmon flies in the Great Lakes region. Now, usually I will get alot of different opinions with this question. Please mention your favorite pattern(s) and why you like it so much. Personally, I can't go wrong with an egg sucking leech, but I also favor small caddis. I throw egg sucking leeches to target the aggresive salmon. Caddis are always in my salmon box since they are so abundant in our rivers. With mass populations of Hydropsyche and Rhycophilla caddis in our Great Lakes region, studies have whoen they are the #1 forage for instream steelhead/salmon. I love fishing small nymphs for salmon as well(size 10's and 12's) to imitate Allocapnia and Taeniopteryx larvae, and the many species of Ephemerella larvae. I do alot of macroinvertebrate studies, so I get into tying the realistic imitations when I have time.

Oh yeah, why I am at it, I would like to mention this also.

I have heard from people that salmon don't eat once they enter a river to spawn. Well, I have been reaserching this for about year and a half, and I have found evidence that supports the theory that they do eat once instream. Although they cannot digest the food, they still will feed out of aggression, previous encounters at earlier stages, or out of instinct. Stomach samples done by the DNR, two universities(MSU and ???), online information obtained by watersheds conducting samples, and a few guides I know personally who have done there own stomach samples. Also, I always considered this...if they didn't eat then why do others as well as myself catch salmon in the mouth? Well, considering that some fish can be lined, the odds are still against people who say salmon do not feed once instream.

Just thought I would share some opinions with a few of you.
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