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Yes we were using both. Dropper rigged. At the gates (Edison).
Yes its worth the drive. I was there on the 10th. The run is late this yeat because of cold water. Call Karl to see how it is now. It may be peaking out now. Take your own boat and do it yourself if you wish, it isn't hard. You will need a wall hook to fasten to the wall with. If you don't go over to the Rapids you will only need your Michigan license, which I suspect you already have. Of course if you are there for more than a day and don't go try the rapids I'll be scratching my head. They are absolutely beautiful, and oh so inviting, from the bridge. The Canadians customs were really nice. The U.S. bordered on being a**holes. But then we are arguably the most arrogant nation on earth, so what do you expect. If you go with Karl he can pick you up in his boat on the U.S. side and take you to get a Canadian license so you avoid the wait in line at customs. Also if you go early or late enough you avoid the lines. The first day we went over we went very early and there was no line. The next day we arived about 9:00 a.m. and it took a little while. Both days we ended up in return lines startimg half-way across the bridge. On the bright side I got to take a very good look at the rapids.
I may try to go back in October for the Kings.
Lots of feathers,
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