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WOW!!!! Now I know what all the fuss is about! Atlantics rule!!!
I didn't catch any big enough to brag about but MAN can they fight! I had one day with Karl Vogel. His reputation is deserved. (yes, Hal, I gave him your message) My only regret is that we never got to the rapids, which was my original destination and intent. We spent the entire day on his boat. I wanted to go to the rapids but he wanted me to get into a big fish and the big fish were primarily elsewhere. And there were a LOT of big fish there, all with lockjaw as far as I was concerned, but thats the breaks of fishing. (by large I mean 15-20 lbs) I know in some places that wouldn't be large, but to me, a first time Atlantic fisherman, I was about as excited over a 20 pounder swimming by as a kid on Christmas morning. I would say Karl that's a BIG fish, I mean BIG! and he would reply, Ya dats a beeg fiss!
We had one grilse about 4lbs that was seriously gill hooked, so I took it back for supper the next evening. I have never eaten salmon that good before! Realistically, I suspect that it was the freshness, as opposed to the species that was the main factor, but it was wonderful eating. (I fileted it, skin still on, and slow broiled it over a hardwood fire with salt ,pepper, and lots of lemmon slices)
I'm hooked bad!
p.s. I had two days on the Au Sable at Grayling that were pretty glorious as well.
Lots of feathers,
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