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Lightbulb suggestions

Yes, bait bucket biology does indeed suck. I'm not sure how the state agencies are prepared to deal with this sort of thing. Not well, judging by the speed of MD DNR in eliminating this thing. Probably no fault of their own -- they've got enough on their plates and who could see something like THIS coming?

The state of VT faced the same thing with alewives in a pond that's connected to L. Champlain. They didn't do anything about it b/c their hands were tied by the PETA crowd. In the mean time the alewives are multiplying and spreading. Now Lake Champlain may be screwed. Maybe the lamprey will check their numbers (kidding).

There is an Aquatic Nuisance Species group in the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that is charged with dealing with these issues and educating people about this. They were at the Outdoor Writers Assoc. Annual meeting last month. I think they're some sharp people -- just too low on staff and cash to be as effective as they ought to be. I suggest you tell your Congressman to throw some cash their way in the next federal budget in hopes that maybe, just maybe, it prevents something like this from happening in your home water.
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