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Yep, been there done that when I lived in South Bend Indiana for 7 years. I heard they have been in the last 2 weeks, but not many in the rivers. Still 80 degree temps s in The Joe like when I was there 3 weeks ago. Probably have to wait for them to come in with the salmon then in late august unless we get a weather break.

Fly fishing from those piers is a problem never really seen any one doing it when the run is really on and all of the bait and lure throwers are there. We need a fly fishing only section on the piers (yeah right that will go over real well !).

Wish I could have given you some of my new glow in the dark smelt streamers I have yet to field test.

Anybody get spooled on the pier ? That happened to me once with a big king. There was nothing that was going to stop that fish.

Oh well, come mid august and the kings will be coming and the summer run steelies. Then we go all the way to next May with Steelhead in the rivers.

"Great Lakes Great Times"


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