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Cool Creating a monster...?

I took my 14 YO son out for a fishing trip and created a fishing machine/monster

Yesterday I met up with the Old Man at a selective gear lake near my home with the intent to baptise my son in the joys (rigors) of fly-fishing. We took the canoe which was a real problem, at first, how to both fish without capsizing :eyecrazy: . We almost decided to call it a day when another fisherman showed up and starting catching way too many fish! So Dad decided to bite the bullet and paddle the boy (young man) around with the hopes of duplicating the other's success. About 45 minutes into our renewed effort (and after tying on one of the Old Man's leech creations) he got a strong pull and proceeded to bring to hand a beautiful 16 - 17 inch rainbow as fat as I have ever seen. Not too long after he caught another about 14 inches. Things slowed as the weather changed to bright sunlight and a strong wind, clearing the lake of fisherman.

Two gorgeous fish from a lake that I had previously held with great distain. Now my son is pressing for his own float tube and "let's do it again, Dad!" I got a new fishing buddy .

...and the most important part - he told me that he would rather get a new 4 wt. and float tube INSTEAD of the previously got-to-have new gaming computer! God I love it!

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