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Skamania Mania!

Well, all I can say is that I had a blast on my adventure to the west side of Michigan. In pursuit of chromage, as we were looking to hook some skams on the fly rod. Well, we arrived early Saturday morning, at 12:00am. We decided to hit the pier and do some flyfishing before it got crowded. We met a few gentlemen that helped us get set up for drifting with a float on our spinning rods as well. They managed to use their cast nets to get us some alewives. At 3:00am I heard my friends rod screaming, and I looked it was bent. He ran over quickly and set the hook. Hail to the leaper, the fish jumped out of the water and almost onto the pier. After a good fight he had a 18lb skam under his belt. Action picked up and by 7am we had hooked 5 and landed 3. We wanted to get some on flies, and they just weren't taking them. We ran over to the St. Joe, and another trib looking for fish. The river was pee warm, about 80deg although the trib poured cold. We searched the beaches, but found nothing. After a short nap, we headed back to the pier. We figured we would drift alewives again, and glad we did. My friend had a two hookups in 45minutes, and landed two nice steelhead making me anxious. As I sat and talked to him, I heard my reel screaming and looked over, a skam had inhaled my bait and ripped my rod out of the holder and I almost lost it. Luckily I grabbed it and hooked the fish. After a good fight I had a 7lb chromer in my hands. We stayed out(this was around 7:30pm) and my friend landed another one, while I lost one to a bad hookset. Around 8:30pm both of our floats went down, and we thought we had a double header. After we saw the fish jump, we realized that it was a "pig" that ate both of our baits and we both had hooked it. Eventually my friend had broke off when it surged into the deeper water, and I still had it on. Alot of thrashing was done, and it lasted until the end, after it jumped out of the net two times, we finally got it in. The fish was around 10lbs, and all chrome. We called it a day and walked of the pier with fish in our hands!

Well, hail to the leaper......what a great day and a great time!

Pursuing surfs up chromage is life!
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