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Juro I would be intrested.
I am going to the Cape sometime July 22-26 Dont know exactly what days yet.I will be bringing the Yaks.Hopefully I will have another Tarpon by then.I will definatly have a Pungo for you to use if you want to try it out.You can also try out my Tarpon.I will be able to get out one morning for a few hours if you would like to hookup.Whats your schedule like?Anyday better for you?Also plan on hitting the beaches at night a couple of times.

Also would like to schedule a demo day for your guys on the board.I am helping out the guys on could bring up a bunch of WS and Cobra yaks and the guys could try them out.We sell yaks naked or totally loaded for fishing.What do you think of that?

Always Wishin I Was Yak Fishin
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