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July 7th's "ring of fire"

Throughout Sunday, the sky in CT was veiled in a smoky haze. Wildfires in northern Quebec had been producing smoke that was being carried down by northerly winds, and the effect on the sunlight was profound. The sun looked like a neon tangerine up in the sky, and the ambient light made the outdoors seem to be behind a rose filter.

What was the effect on the fishing? Well, a friend and I took the john boat out to a pond and had one of our best days ever. The haze that cut the glare resulted in fish that would hit topwater ALL DAY LONG. Some of the largemouths were coming up from over ten feet deep to hit our deer hair bugs and then slug it out in the open water. Most of the strikes were extremely violent.

It seemed like all of nature was a bit off kilter yesterday. Even the birds were behaving differently. I hope that the wildfires to the north have stopped, and I hope that another excellent day of fishing won't be dependent upon another natural disaster.

All in all, an interesting day.
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