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Ron -

You can change the angle on the spread of the hooks too. Those were tied obviously at 180 degrees. If you epoxy the hooks, you can bend them at less than 180 degrees, say something like a 90 degree angle. The more you bend them, the more you might fouled hooked the bottom though. Don't know of any salmon hooks that suit this purpose, but I do know tiers use the single hooks to tie saltwater flies.

With the lady crab hatches, it's almost impossible to reproduce the size of them unless you go to a fresh water type hook. Than again the size would be 3/16 inch. Hook set would be a problem. If bass are nymphing the hatch, I've had no problem using a small ultra hair olive Clouser if they are in the right feeding mode.

There should be more and more hatches appearing each morning south of Prudence to the bridges and the Sakonnet River basin.
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