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baby bunkers

Originally posted by broche
Great looking flies - what is the material? Looks like polafibre but the heads are nice and small. Can you provide the recipe? I need a good high-profile fly.

The material is Polafibre, I don't know how to discribe the tieing sequence, so I will try to give you an idea on how I tie this fly.
It's tied HI-TIE , LOW-TIE. I start by tieing in a small bunch of Polafibre , about the size of a old fashion match stick, on top and in the rear of the hook, then directly under the first tie I tie in the second bunch, then I proceed forword in the same manner four times , always tie in one color on the bottom, and your choice of colors on top, together the fly is finished by useing four bunched of material, and applying your choice of eyes.
Try it see what you come up with, let me know if I can answer any other questions.
Almost forgot the hook size is Mustad 34007 1/0 and a very very small bunch of Red wool for the throat

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