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I have a few

I tie up a fly that's almost what you'd call a bass fly. I will actually use some mono to put a hook guard so that while I cast the fly won't snag on my method. I tie up a mouse pattern. Just stacked deer hair. I don't go overly fancy with eyes and ears. But put a zonker tail (short hair, will even trim so not TOO bulky) and trim up body just enough to give some outline, but not too small. I'll actually toss the fly across the hole (over a decent holding water) and try to get it to land on the other bank. Then I'll slow strip the fly to drop onto the water. Then once it plops, will twitch it. The steelhead will actually come up and slash the fly. I also will tie up some in black and hit in early mornings and late evenings. Don't ask me why, but it seems the darker color works best in low light. It's a fun technique. I discovered this back in my "bait trout fishing" days. Dad and I watched steelhead swallow a mouse that had fallen into the water.

Another bass fly I guess. I tie up a crawfish pattern. Not a GP, nor a shrimp, but a more flare of a sandshrimp. Some ringneck pheasent feathers for the claws, some lead eyes (for weight), and some chenille (usually in brown, since most crawdads are brown in my area). I like to weigh the fly a bit so it'll sink to bottom where crawdads are, I will tie on a long leader. Will cast this baby WAY up stream so gives fly a chance to sink. I also tie this fly UPSIDE DOWN with a turned down eye hook. Once I get fly bouncing on bottom, I'll strip extra fly line in a bit, then do a yank here and there. Usually I'll get a "tap tap" on end of line and set hook. The hit usually always on the pull (I assume as if a fleeing crawdad). I know some wouldn't consider this fly fishing. But has worked quite well. And I don't use a SI either. I use straight floating line. I could unweight and use sinktip, but works better in my method.
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