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RE:Status of Native Summer Runs in the Region?

I too would love to know the status of the native summer-runs in the Snoqualmie, North Fork Skykomish, and Skagit/Sauk. Not much on any but the famous North Fork Stilly (Deer Creek) and Tolt River (Snoqualmie)runs. The Deer Creek run was reported by Evergreen Flyfishers (I think that was the club mentioned) to be back above 1000 returning adults last year.

The Deer Creek run is easy to track because they all spawn in an easy-to-monitor creek. Ditto for the Tolt River fish - Washington Trout's been keeping tabs on them for quite a few years and probably has good stats on returns (anybody out there from WT??)

Not many people target the native runs on the other rivers, so there's little available data (other than guesstimates) that I'm aware of.
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