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So far so good here in the Finger Lakes too. I just got back from the state park near my house. I took the girls down there to swim while I cast a nymph off of the point. The tally tonight was four smallmouth - which I was happy with. I was thinking that I would end up catching all sunnies and rock bass but it turned out otherwise.

Last weekend I made several outings with new kayak. I was targeting the carp which cruise along the shallows but so far have been unsuccessful with them. After reading the spin fishing stories from Quentin I'm not sure it's even a good idea . I can just see myself getting towed around for hours out in the lake after hooking one. Some of the carp I have seen are huge- I think 30 plus pounds. We'll see anyway. The nice thing is that I have been catching some nice bass while fishing for the carp. Last weekend caught several large and smallmouth- both in the same area- and all around 16 inches.

We'll see what the holiday brings - with this hot weather it sure is nice to be on/in the water!
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