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I hear you. I donít particularly like the idea of seeing gillnetted steelhead in a supermarket display case anymore than you. And Iím not fond of gillnetting for salmon and steelhead whether by the Indians or by commercial interests. That said, when the treaties were signed the United States could not have foreseen the harvest methods of today or how those fish would be utilized anymore than the Indians could have foreseen how we would be using their land today. Sure, I donít like Indian gillnetting and the Indianís penchant for hatchery production. And I will bet that our Indian counterparts are not particularly fond of urban sprawl, large-scale commercial logging, or water and air pollution. But whatís good for the goose is good for the gander. If we want the Indians to change their behavior to better suit our own sensibilities, then we should be prepared to sit down and negotiate mutually agreeable terms. Isnít that the way civilized nations are supposed to do things?
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