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Gordon, as much as I may 'dislike' the facts;

you've done a good job of describing how the deal went. The only thing I think that's gone truely wrong with the then vs. now "facts" is the Native Americans were using the fish for food and "cerimonial (sp?) purposes."

Kind of frosts me to see "Summer Salmon" even here in the grocery stores in Southern Oregon. Fish are caught, cleaned, iced down and shipped in 'bonded' (or so I was told) trucks out of Washington to other States for sale. Can't sell them in Washington as that would put a NA in the hooskow.

Interesting conversation with an Albertson's store manager last summer when they were advertising "Washington Caught" steelhead at $3.99/#. Asked Manager if the fish were 'farm fish' or netted out of a river. Said he didn't know, but why. Told him one was legal to sell in Oregon (no matter how much it would tick off the local guys who fish for them), the other was highly illegal in Oregon. (As in Washington you can't "sell" a river caught fish.)

Apparently he did check and I noticed the adds, including the Washington Caught stickers in the fish case, were pulled two days later. Ya, the fish was for sale, but now no comment on it's origions.
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