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Sorry about that prank buddy! I was just trying to say sometimes you just have to eat crow.

Sometimes you can do something totally unintuitive to unlock the mystery. My best night in a worm hatch happened when I forced myself to walk away from the slurping fish and found a feeding station behind some rocks when the outgoing current started. Not all the fish were slurping, the biggest were almost "filter feeding" in a station by some rocks. My mistake was to try to catch fish amidst millions of worms with a worm fly. Yeah right.

Just like trying to catch big bass feeding on YOY herring, 1" long. They only hit the concentrated clouds of bait, matching the hatch is about the worst thing you can do unless the fish are small enough to care about individual herring fry. Not going to happen with a 35-40" fish. Have to try something else besides a matching 1" herring fly to break the code unless you are fishing tunoids or small schoolies.

A few seasons ago I discovered something about the way stripers eat shrimp and went through a series of attempts to figure it out with a fly. What I found to be most effective has been of great value to me today, and the fly that works best for me while the fish are focused on shrimp is ironically not a shrimp. Let's just say it's a reliable "segue for a shrimp grazer".

Wish I were there, the challenging scenarios are the most fun!
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