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jborkowski- I've run into that alot this year and the solution seems to be to dead drift the fly in the surface film or just below it. My best luck has come with a deerhair fly tied on a #2 Billy Pate eagle claw hook. The tail consists of some calftail about shank length beyond the bend, 2 strands of flash slightly longer than the hair and a grizzly hackle tip on either side tied splayed. The rest of the fly is spun deerhair clipped to taper from the hook bend to the hook eye- shrimp like. Fishing with a floating line and hang on.
There is another fly that I use as a point fly using the latter as a dropper. This fly is a small General Practioner tied on a #1 eagle claw 254. This fly I tie in gray or olive whereas the above fly I tie in natural deer hair with olive or gray calftail.
I've had many multiple hookups and even cut-offs from blues grabbing the deerhair fly after the bass grabbed the GP which runs deeper.
Hope this helps. Ron
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