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RE:spring reports

Well, with the typical Rose festival weather I thought I'd sneek out and spend some time on a couple local streams, namely the Cow and the EFL. I only could manage a couple hours each; the Cow was flowing at 11.6 with the Salmon season closed to extremely low escapement this river was as peaceful as I've seen. Juro I only saw 3 sleds in about two hours! I tied on a Thunder and Lighting with a loop knot, waded ankle deep and flicked about 20' of line and leader on the water immediately as thought my fly had been track through the air a fresh hatchery trout grab my fly, strip and release. Wiggle and waggle the long (7136) rod just enough to get line out of the tip top to attempt a cast. Quarter my cast slightly down stream again BAM! Another trout, again and again these trout came to my fly. I came to the conclusion the hatchery trunk must have dumped just prior to my arrival. I packed up and left after catching close to 30 trout. Wish I had the 3wt.

EFL, Friday evening I was going to Oregon City to see if I could find Eric scoping the Shad thing. I actually got to OC only to discover I had to pick up some stuff at our Vancouver office. I trudged though traffic picked up the stuff and bee lined it to Daybreak Park. I walked up stream to the long sweeping bend that feels like it should stacked with bright finning steelhead.

The water was low and clear, I skated a muddler through runs, tailouts, and riffles with no results other than a few smolt smacking the skating fly around. I better get some results soon and get Juro's Wheatly seeing as I have lost a tackle bag with much of my summer gear and flies. With the resent rain the rivers have risen dramatically and will drop nearly as quickly. I plan to get out again soon even if only for a couple hours. One of the locals I know who fishes the rivers of SW WA and PDX often got a 36" chromer a couple weeks ago and has reported multiple other fish coming to the fly. Signs of good things to come?

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