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FlyFishAR, being with the kid is such a wonderful experience.

Just on a side note, I thought I would add my 'kid fishing tale' for the weekend...

We were getting ready to go home from the grandparents house, and were packing our stuff. Well, Georgia decided that it wasn't quite time to go. She grabbed my little spinning rod I had leaning in the corner, and dragged it out of the garage.

I just laughed and let her go (figuring that she would go show mom and tell her about our fishing trip the day before.) Well, when I turn around, she is across the driveway, down the hill and into the pasture on her way to the river. She still has the old rod by the handle and is planning on going to catch some fish...

If you can picture a two year old girl walking across a field with a pole dragging behind her, you can understand how I felt when I saw her.

I think she is, umm, hooked on the sport already...

BTW, those are some beautiful fish your son caught. I wish I could get fish like that!
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