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So far, so good! Since this is my first year of flyfishing, I've been trying to catch as many different species as possible on the fly rod. I've gotten most of the usual suspects but still need to round up a few more, including pike, tiger muskie, rainbow trout, brown trout and BS salmon (or maybe even a real one :hehe: ). Lake trout, walleye and catfish would be welcome (but unlikely) bonuses.

I've mastered catching sunfish on foam bugs and have done pretty well with largemouth and smallmouth bass on poppers. I finally managed to get a carp and will definitely try for more of them. I even lucked into a few big brookies (2+ lbs ) courtesy of the Montague Fish Hatchery (I had a little inside information on where to look for them :hehe: ).

I'm also happy that a couple of my experimental flies seem to work pretty well. These flies were designed to be fly rod versions of two of my favorite spinning lures: the Slug-Go and the floating Rapala. I'll need to do some more testing and modification before I add them to the archives.

My plans for the near future include trying to catch more carp, putting in some time on the local river to fish for pike and tiger muskies, trying to get a bass to hit my dragonfly while it's still in the air, and figuring out a way to catch the BIG largemouths that live deep in the milfoil beds at this time of year. Maybe I could use a 20' leader and a heavily weighted "fly"?

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