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Question backing choice for BIG fish

I am looking for a high strength backing with a low diameter and was wondering what people prefer for large tarpon and billfish?Basically I want it for large chinook salmon fishing in the Skeena River.Chances of landing fish are slim on a flyrod because of the large area and fast current,but I'd like to be as prepared as possible.Hopefully we will have access to a boat to follow fish.The fish get up to 100lbs but because of the variables in the river,a large amount(at least 200 yards) of backing is prefered and a minimum of 30lbs test.I was wondering about all the new superbraids and gelspun backing out there.I don't want to use 30lbs gelspun because of it's ultra thin diameter and the possiblity of the backing binding in the reel.If I was to use 65-80lbs superbraid it would be the equivilent of 16-18lbs test and would be easier to handle while still offering more than enough capacity.Obviously the fish do not require line of this strength(as the leader will be less than 30lbs anyway) but I thought it might be easier to handle and bind less?Would this be a good idea?What do people use for backing in heavy saltwater situations?Are there any specific brands anyone could recommend?I was also wondering about flylines and the rated strength of them.I will be using an 11wt rod/reel/line and was wondering what the rated strength of flylines in this weight are?I know some of the lighter lines have either a 20 or 30lbs core.I'm not concerned as my leader will be 30lbs at most,but I'm curious if anyone knows what 10wt,and heavier,lines are rated at?Thanks for the suggestions.
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