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How's the season going?

I'm wondering how everyone's warmwater season is going. I'm having a blast figuring out the quarry pond near my house. It has an average depth of over 65 feet, but many flats that come up to about 4 or 5 feet. There isn't an abundance of structure, so when I find a slab of concrete, some stumps, or a blowdown, it's usually loaded with fish. The bass are decent, and the sunfish are monsters. I've already caught a few over one pound on deer hair bass bugs.

I still haven't chased the smallmouths with my usual fervor. I'm close to the CT River and not to far from the Housatonic which is fishing great right now for the smallies. So much water, so little time.....

I still have trips planned in NH when I visit my in-laws. These will involve rock bass, crappie, smallmouths, perch, and pickeral. And then there's the visits to my family in Maine, a veritable smallmouth heaven.

So how's everybody else progressing? I hope it's been good for you so far.
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