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Rod holder chuck


# req Description
1 2” PVC pipe cap, schedule 40
1 1 ½” to 2” PVC bushing (pipe fitting adaptor)
1 ½” or Ύ” PVC pipe cap, schedule 40
1 1” piece of dowel sized to fit inside the ½” or Ύ” PVC pipe cap
1 4-40 or 6-32 screw for locking chuck to motor shaft
3 10-32 x 1.5” screws (thumbscrews are preferable)
1 # 8 sheet metal screw
1 Epoxy cement and or PVC pipe glue

Assembly notes:

Drill a 1/8” hole through the centers of the caps. There is normally a detail of some sort molded into the cap that makes locating the center easier. After the hole has been sand any lettering off of the outside of the caps around the hole. The flatter the area around the hole is, the easier and stronger the gluing step will be. Thread the sheet metal screw though the drilled hole in the lar-ger cap. Apply PVC pipe glue or epoxy to the end of the small cap and screw onto the large cap. Set it aside until the glue has cured. The hardest part is over.

Remove the sheet metal screw. Insert a short piece of dowel into the small cap and glue. Glue the pipe bushing into the large cap. The pipe bushing is used to give enough thickness to allow for threaded adjustment screws. Set the piece aside to allow the glue to dry.

With a drill 2 sizes smaller than the diameter of your motor shaft drill through the center of the large cap and the dowel. Be careful to be perpendicular to the fitting. Repeat with a drill the size of the motor shaft. Check the fit if it doesn’t fit go up 1 size at a time until it does. Drill and tap a hole for the screw to lock the shaft to the chuck. Evenly space (120 degrees apart) three holes around the periphery of the large cap for the 10-32 screws and your done. A couple of pictures are below

A rod mounted in the chuck. This motor has a thru hole in the shaft so I just drilled a hole thru the cap and use a piece of wire to hold the chuck to the motor .

Front view of the chuck

A tapered dowel used to hold tips. the chuck screws down on the tubing on the dowel.
John Desjardins

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