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I've been using a battery powered one (no longer available I'm afraid, but there are ones that use 9 volt flashlight batteries available for about $12.00) that uses a single 'C' cell battery for some 15 years now. I made up some 'V' blocks out of 1 x 4 screwed to 2x4 bases and lined with felt. I think I have all of $8.00 in the whole set-up.

It has dried many rods and who knows how many dozen epoxy head streamers I've tied for several fly shops here in Washington state. I use a 3 foot section of 1/2 inch PVS water line covered with foam pipe insulation for an epoxy turner. cheap and very effective, plus I can put the epoxy on the flies on the drier as it turns to the tune of about 8 dozen at a time.

I think the point of all this is that you don't have to go out and spend a lot to have a very good and useful rod drying or fly turning tool.
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