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Talking My Inflatable

I have been fishing the RI coast the past couple of weeks, and have been doing fairly well, except no bass over about 31 inches. Some small bluefish, scup, and hickory shad. I haven't caught a flounder yet this year., all fish were caught on the same fly. This post though is about my inflatable. First it is a wet ride in and out of the surf, but less problems then when I had a kayak, at least I didn't tip over. I do have a small outboard for running around the salt ponds, but don't use it in the surf. I made a large seat in the rear which is great when I use the motor, but not so go to row from. Having had canoes, kayaks, prams, I think for the shore fishing I do the inflatable is the best. Very stable, quite a bit of room, not cramped in one position like a kayak. I like being able to when I see fish breaking be able to get out that 200 to 300 yards offshore to the fish rather than have to wait and see if they come into casting range on the shore. I am a strong swimmer, but doing something like this I do put on a life jacket, either the inflatable vest, or the standard jacket. Maybe I am crazy:eyecrazy: I di have a couple of women ask me when I came back to the shore how old I was, I told them the truth,73, they walked away shaking their heads. I sent this article as I want to show a picture of my inflatable, but I forgot how, so I am trying now to attach a picture. If it works I will send another as to what it looks like from offshore.
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