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OC, I believe that you are 100% correct in your explanation of the feeding habits of those fish. I think that many of the fish on the ranch flats feed subsurface. As you well know with all the weeds and clear shallow water it is all but impossible to nymph effectively. At least we could not figure out how to do it. That is why we did well subsurface in the huge riffle above osborn bridge, no weeds and faster water enables a closer approach and drag free drift. We scouted your spot one afternoon and fished it another morning from 5 to 7. The closest gravel bar is about 100 yards from the deep water is that the one you told me about. We also fished from the large boulders along the left bank. I lost 10 flies and caught no fish. My friend took one nice fish but no pigs. He started fishing a soft hackle in the riffle and took 2 fish on one drift, pretty cool. We did not meet your pal but did hit the A-Bar. Does that bring back fond memories?
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