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Is it not wonderful to fish for trout under the most difficult situations. For those who have never ventured to the fork it is not about a wild western freestone river where trout are opportunistic. But a wide gentle slow flowing river that is rarely over waist deep with fine gravel channels between the weed beds. Food is abundent and fish are selective because they have so much to eat that they have the resourses to key not only on one size of a certain aquatic insect but on one certain aspect of the hatch. When there is a blanket hatch we are talking about millions and millions of flies coming down river. Even if only 1 out of every 50 PMD's is a cripple then a mature rainbow has more than enough cripples passing by his feeding zone to feed on and substane life. Many of us who lived on the fork and fished in the late 70's and early 80's noticed a drastic change in feeding habits as the popularity of the ranch took place. Fishing duns to fish feeding on duns became less and less an opportunity as fish most likely due to being hooked so often started to change feeding habits. Over the next couple of years it seemed fish fed on emergers mostly. Many of inexperienced fishermaen were frustated and could not understand the difference between a fish rise for a dun and a rise for an emerger or a spinner. Frustation was everywhere but of course the local fly shops would turn the new folks on to emergers and before one knew it fish had moved on to cripples as a food. The difficulty of catching fish on the ranch has increased over the last twenty years and that's great, if you want to test your ability of your observation skill this is the place for the challenge. Here is the greatest place to understand that fly fishings greatest reward is the observation not only of the enviro you are in but how you as a person fits into that situation.
Glad you had a great time Brad let me know what the river was like up where I mentioned in the e-mail.
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