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Hi Quentin,
There are pike in the lower Bow, some 200 miles or more downstream from Calgary, so I'm told. I only fish pike in lakes since the lakes are closer. Pike in rivers can be found further north in large basins/watersheds but mostly we find them in lakes. IF they were in our local rivers, they would surely eat all of our trophy trout. I like it that way, trout in the Bow and Pike in the lakes.
PS lakes is a somewaht of a misnomer, many of these are man made irrigation reservoirs which have been stocked with pike & walley. Most cold water natural lakes hold trout rather than pike, there are a few exceptions of course, such as the much larger lakes which also hold pike AKA Slew Sharks or Jackfish around here. I do remember fishing for pike when I was a kid in the Ottawa river and the St-Lawrence system. I guess those warmer waters are more favourable for them. Rivers around here are mostly fed from the cold melt of the rockies, maybe pike prefer warmer climes..
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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