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Rods & Flies

I use 2 rods, both 9 wt. 7 wt is the back up in case of breakage..
Sage 9100 RPL for the dry line, the 10 ft lenght helps get the large fly and WF belly out faster since I retrieve the fly right up to the boat, leaving a 6 ft. leader and fly to dangle for a bit. Many pike will grab it right ther and sneak up from under the boat. It is a blast when they do so but dangerous to break a rod tip.
Orvis Trident TL tip flex for the Teeny mini sink tip line.
Flies mostly feather patterns on the dry line and mostly Yak hair or Rabbit fur or Icelandic sheep hair on the sink tip. ALL BARBLESS
9Wt because I can fight the fish faster and get to release them faster, better chance of survival. The big ones, 15 lbs.+ need to be revived for several minutes to make sure they get their gills going again and more so if the hook set was inside their mouth. Only lost one fish due to hook set, it must have hit the brain because that fish hit and then there was no fight and the hook was inside on the roof of the mouth. Made for a great tasting treat.
All the flies from the swap were used and all caught fish. Many are now totally destroyed, hardest hit was the giant black feather one with a red/orange marabou throat, next was the red & white with barbell eyes, third were the Dahlberg diver types on a dry line with a hard jerky motion.
Thank's to the archive, I was able to replicate the patterns.
Pike season for me is all but over now with the water temp getting to the hight 60's the big guys move to deeper water and are more difficult to target with a fly.
Next is trout and I have to wait for run-off to ease up, probably another 10 days or so and until then, I'll keep thinking about the strippers and blues I am NOT hooking up with other than VIRTUALLY on the board.
Pete AKA Frenchcreek from Calgary
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