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Henry's Fork

We took a four day trip to Henry's Fork last weekend. The area is absolutly beautiful, lush and green compared to the front range of CO. We did well with soft hackles but did not kill them like we did last year. Got into a prolific PMD hatch that I thought would have brought every fish in the river to the surface but that was not the case, cannot figure that one out. Landed a few risers on a PMD cripple, if you do not have that fly in your box you should tie some. It consistantly fools more fish than any other PMD pattern that I have found. witnessed both the green and brown drake hatches this year. These bug are huge and hatched for only about an hour at a time. The fish got very selective and tough to catch. The fly of the trip was the good old flashback RS2. On sunday hooked about 10-12 fish in the faster water in 3 hours on that fly. Landed 3 over 18, if you read the other thread on fishing fast water I had to chase all of them down stream while applying as much side pressure as possible. Hooked a few more big fish that went airborn and threw the small barbless hook. Another fly that did well was a rusty spinner imitation. Renee Harrop has a great Trusty Rusty Spinner pattern. We seemed to catch alot of fish on unusual small patterns. I think those fish see so many size 14 PMD imitations and drake imitations this time of year that they turn off. By going down to 18 of 20 we were able to take many more fish. Fishing was good catching was slower this year. The fishing report for the Ranch section in one of the fly shops simply said Good Luck!
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