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Nice work Juro! Can you make it look like a 40"er?

JD, thanks for the tips. I'll try to put them to good use! I did notice that the carp seemed to be wary of the leader and fly line, which is part of the reason I switched to the intermediate line and fluoro leader. I thought it would help keep the shadow of the line from crossing over the fish and that it would prevent the fly from rising upwards when I stripped the line, which also seemed to spook the fish. The carp that were mudding were completely oblivious to me unless I got very close to them or slapped the line on the water right over them. The tough part was getting them to notice the fly. I got lucky on the "successful" cast because the leader curved towards the fish as it landed, so even though the cast was beyond the fish, the fly moved away from the fish when I started stripping line. Unfortunately, I can't claim that I planned it that way!
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