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Umpqua Restrictions


When they are talking about "no metal core lines", would that include the sink tips and full sinking fly lines that we use? Or, would that be specifically something like an LC-13?

Some of the regs that they can come up with these days are "out of control".

I am currently trying to get an interpretation of "immediate release" in our regs. Basically, if you caught a fish in a C&R area you break the law if you take a measurement, a picture, or a weight. I toil over this reg all the time since that is pretty much what I fish for is a "picture" (as do most of the people I know). I can understand that this is designed to lessen fish mortality but if you look closely, every fish picture I have ever taken has water dripping off the fish. What happens if I catch one of those world records I've been chasing?

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