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Here are the new restrictions for the N. Umpqua fly fishing section from Oregon fishing regs. Gotta love this internet 5 years ago it would have taken a week or more to get the regs via mail from the DNR"

Looks like you can use a spinning or bait casting rod with a bubble and unweighted fly. Also sinking lines are allowed but no C+D or Indicator fishing.

I could survive here with my sink tips and large hook sparsley dressed speys and AS type hair wings.


Open for adipose fin-clipped coho salmonAug. 1-Dec. 31.
(31 miles)

The following restrictions apply year round:

Restricted to use of single barbless unweighted artificial fly.

For the purposes of this rule, an unweighted artificial fly is defined as: a conventional hook that is dressed with natural
or artificial materials, and to which no molded weight (such as split shot, jig heads or dumbbell eyes), metal wire, metal beads, bead chain eyes, or plastic body are affixed, and to which no added weight, spinning or attractor device, or natural bait is attached.

Any type rod or reel permitted, but no metal core lines and no added weights or attachments to line, leader or fly (including, but not limited to, strike indicators) except nonfly monofilament lines may have a casting bubble or similar floating device.

No angling from a floating device.
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