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Quentin, good pictures, that water looks clear which is not the standard situation for carp, yes they will take flies wooly worms are known to work, have to find the right color for pond/lake/river brown or olive I would start with. Also would try various nymphs, like a Zug Bug or scuds. You may like these better than stripers. They do jump at times.

Some of the biggest river fish I have hooked while fly fishing for trout and bass have been big carp. Biggest was about 25 lbs from lake michigan on a streamer at night, thought it was a big brown or steelhead, had about 20 people watch me fight that thing for 20+ minutes. You should have seen the crowds face and laughter when I got it up to the pier for the netting. Glad I moved from Indiana to Chicago so these people cannot kid me about that one anymore.

I was just wondering if stripers jump,did not think they would , which is what it seems from the comments above.

Start tying those carp patterns will be good practice for salt water flats fishing and experience with fighting big fish on the bug rod.

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